Podcast: Identity Crisis with Mike Blackaby

*Please watch the video above before listening to the podcast.*

These podcast are recorded every Thursday night at Mike Blackaby’s Cafe on Main. This is an open venue for First Baptist Jonesboro’s College and Young Adult Ministry. To find out more go to their website: cafeonmain.org

One Comment to Podcast: Identity Crisis with Mike Blackaby

  1. Andrew Gosh says:

    Wow! I hadn’t thought of approaching it with this level of simplicity. I have used examples such as, “I identify as a couch.” and of course people just think I am being silly. I feel I was lead here by the Holy Spirit to add some realistic ammo to my arsenal. Thank you. I would also like to mention, I am in the second lesson of “Experiencing God”. Thank you guys so much for writing a book that actually reaches me. Had I not started lesson 2 last night, I probably would have not realized that I was being lovingly disciplined, and had a meltdown. I am on the autism spectrum, and your work is breaking through. Bless you and your ministry!

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